Hailing from the rock and roll capitol of Hollywood, California, singer and musician Jonny Sculls has been streamlining his path to success. Having already headlined all of the major venues of the world renowned Sunset Strip, Sculls spent the past few years building his fanbase, and performing alongside other noteworthy stars of the music scene. In 2011 and 2012, Sculls was the frontman for Meegs Rascon and Mikal Cox of Coal Chamber, in their side project metal band, We Are the Riot. Following that, Sculls felt that he was left wanting something more diverse, in regards to musical genre...something that combined the best elements of hard rock, industrial, and pop music. From there, the band Pvsher (pronounced "Pusher") was born. Sculls spent the past two years writing several albums worth of material, creating a sound reminiscent of Muse, A Perfect Circle, and Nine Inch Nails. Although Sculls is the primary music writer for Pvsher, he has been collaborating with other noteworthy writers, producers, and musicians as well, such as: Kevin Thrasher of Escape The Fate, Jinxx of Black Veil Brides, Oumi Kapila of Filter, Nero Bellum of Psyclon 9, Jeordie White a.k.a. "Twiggy Ramirez" of Marilyn Manson, Elias "Bones" from Julian K and Dead By Sunrise, as well as his wife Lacey Sculls (formerly Lacey Conner) of Nocturne, Lords of Acid, and Pigface. Sculls is preparing to release the debut EP for Pvsher in the spring of 2017. In the meantime, the album's single, "Power", is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. The provocative music video that accompanies the song "Power" has also been released, and already has people talking. The video, which has been described as stylistically similar to that of Tarantino and David Lynch, was very positively reviewed by Jeff Kendrick (from the metal band, Devildriver), on All Axess.com. A lot can be expected from Jonny Sculls and Pvsher in 2017.  In fact, already in the works are talks of a new Pvsher music video, new music released and touring. Be on the look out for many more live shows for Pvsher, as well as brand new music videos, and the release of the Pvsher debut EP as well.